The Crown Store

Multi-platform UX Design
Information Architecture
UX Designer
Solo project at Crown
May - June 2023
2 months
The Crown Store website, while functional, currently exhibits elements of outdated design and usability concerns. To elevate the user experience and align it with contemporary industry standards, our primary goal is to revamp the website, infusing it with modern aesthetics and user-friendly features. This undertaking aims to not only improve visual appeal but also enhance overall usability, resulting in increased engagement and satisfaction for visitors and customers.
Pain Points
Information Architecture
Our primary objective is to enhance the website's information architecture, simplifying it and imbuing it with a clean, intuitive design. Through this endeavor, we aim to minimize the steps users have to navigate, providing them with a seamless and efficient user experience. By optimizing the website's structure and reducing complexities, we seek to create an environment that fosters user engagement and satisfaction.
Comb through the low-fi wireframe on both Website and App to ensure that each element is appropriately placed on its respective page.
Inspiration Board
We collected references to inspire the design of our website and app. By exploring diverse and successful designs, we aim to create a unique and compelling user experience for our target audience.
Color Palette
In pursuit of an aesthetically pleasing UI design, we will adopt the 60-30-10 method to strike a harmonious visual balance. Additionally, we will implement the #FF980F color code as the prominent call-to-action hue, guiding users' attention and fostering engagement.
Variants & Interactive Components
To ensure easy maintenance of the design system, we will create variants and interactive components in Figma. This approach will empower us to streamline the design process and uphold a professional standard throughout the project.
Final Product
Live Prototype
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