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Redesign Taiwan Museum App
3 Iterations
Usability Testing
Project Manager
UX Designer
UX Researcher
Prototype Video editor
Jack Cheng
Jia Ling Wu
Yu Fan Cheng
November - December 2019
2 months
Google Sheet
Introducing the new Taiwan Museum App:
Seamless flexible audio tours, real-time event notices, quick exhibition previews, and joyful interactions for an enhanced visit and enriched understanding.
A Glance of Final Product
Product Demo: Discover How It Works in 2 minutes! (ENG Sub)
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What are the current problems?
The museum wishes to pursue a digital transformation but is failing.
3 Stakeholder Needs
01 Cross-promoting 4 museums in the Taiwan Museum System
02 Create digital interaction
03 Address Staff Shortage by providing information and audio tour on the app
3 Current App Problems
01 Audio Tour malfunctions
02 Lack of exhibition information
03 Inadequate interaction
Who are the visitors at the museum?
Interview 13 visitors to identify 4 typical types of museum visitors and select 2 target groups that comprise the major audience and are eager to acquire further knowledge.
What are these visitors’ visit patterns and needs?
6 insights were gained through the User Shadowing and User Interviews
Come to Visit for a Specific Exhibition
Every visitor spend different amounts of time in the exhibition
Couldn't plan their schedule before coming to the museum
Spend less than 5 minutes on the exhibitions they did not come for
Visitors eager to visit with more interaction and fun
Couldn't find adequate exhibition information
HMW Statement
How Might We Enhance Positive Visitors' Engagement with the Taiwan Museum App?
3 Iterations
Iteration 1: Discuss with the experts to iterate on the UI and Information Architecture
Iteration 2: Conduct usability tests with users to iterate on usability problems
Iteration 3: Implementing the "Wizard of Oz experiment" method to test our Audio Tour design concepts → Insight: missing "Audio Guide Words"
6 Key Features of Final Product
The New Taiwan Museum App
Daily Events
Enable visitors to easily and quickly access comprehensive information, both prior to and during their visit.
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Enhance the overall museum experience by cross-promoting other exhibitions to visitors after they complete their exhibition they came for.
Quick Intro in a minute
Ensure that visitors can easily understand the exhibition topic within the "Golden 5 minutes."
Flexible Duration for the Audio Tour
Allow visitors to choose the audio tour duration that best matches their visit habits.
Game of Collecting
Strengthen collaboration between museums in the Taiwan Museum System by promoting each other's exhibits and collections.
Pop-up Game
Establish an immersive and interconnected experience across all Taiwan Museum exhibitions.
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