E-commerce Travel Platform
UX Research
UX Research Intern
Growth Team
March- September 2021
6 months
Google Workspace
As a UX Research Intern at kkday, an e-commerce travel platform that connects travelers with local experiences worldwide, I was involved in a comprehensive process to develop personas to enhance user understanding and improve the overall user experience.

To create effective personas, I first set clear goals and conditions to filter the target interviewee pool from the user data. Designing a well-crafted questionnaire helped in efficiently filtering potential interviewees. Prioritizing these interview candidates based on relevance was crucial in obtaining valuable insights.

With interview goals and outlines in place, I conducted user interviews to gather in-depth information. Analyzing the interview scripts allowed me to distill valuable insights that formed the foundation of the personas.

Utilizing the insights, I crafted comprehensive personas that represented the various user archetypes. These personas provided a deep understanding of user needs and preferences, facilitating more user-centered design decisions.

Moreover, I actively sought examples of new personas' needs to ensure the personas remained relevant and adaptable to evolving user requirements. This process contributed significantly to shaping a more user-centric approach within the e-commerce travel platform, empowering kkday to deliver exceptional experiences for travelers worldwide.
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