Crown Bike

Bike Sharing Service for Crown employees
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Information Architecture
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Solo project
June - July 2023
2 months
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Introducing the Bike sharing service for Crown employees:
Tap to get a bike with your phone or smart watch , Auto plan and reserve it based on your schedule, and even Enjoy the service with your group!
A Glance of Final Product
Product Demo: Discover How It Works!
Background and Opportunity
Opportunity 01: Employees at Crown frequently commute between different offices and plants in New Bremen, Ohio to collaborate and work together, but the commute is too long on foot and too short by car.
Opportunity 02: 70+ new co-ops (interns) join every season, and some of them need a bike for their commute.
Personas: Who are the target users?
After observing and interviewing the employees and co-ops at Crown, categorize the findings into these key personas.
Key finding 01
Half of the employees have smartwatches and use them to track their exercise data.
Key finding 02
The distance between plants are not far enough for driving but also not comfortable for a 10+ minutes walk.
Key finding 03
Some co-ops who ride their own bike for commuting purposes have to carry a physical key chain with them all the time.
What would be their usage scenario?
5 key scenarios and task flows to comb through how they would use this service.
Scenario 01
Reserve and Return bikes
Scenario 02
When getting a weather report notification
Scenario 03
Forgot to lock the bike
Scenario 04
Review exercise performance data.
Scenario 05
Get bikes for friends or family
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Information Architecture: What the app structure would be in details?
Mobile App: The navigation bar allows users to easily switch between 3 functional pages: Reserve, Personal Data, and History.
Smart Watch: Due to the small screen size, the design adjusts while maintaining a similar structure, making it easy for users to swipe between 4 features: Reserve, Weather, Personal Data, and History.
Final Product
Crown Bike:
Bike Sharing Service for Crown employees
Mobile App
01: Tap to Get
02: Plan your Route
03: Enjoy with Group
Link with Calendar
Find a station
Check availability
Reserve for Group
01: Tap to Get
Unlock your bike
Good to Go
Ready to Ruturn
Ready to Return
Weather and Usage
History List
Smart Watch
Find a station
Check Availibility
Daily Usage
History List
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