Brain Palette

Visualize your Brain with AI
Html / CSS
AI Tools
Web Developer
Jack Cheng
Avery Hsieh
Bo-Chen Peng
Shima Solati
March - April 2023
2 months
Introducing Brain Palette:
Visualize Your Brain
Unlock the Palette of your mind with Brain Palette!
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Hover to reveal what their brain look like!
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How it work?
Behind the Scenes
Rotate the gif background using CSS
Store user-selected data in an array using JavaScript's 'sessionStorage'
1. Request camera permission

2. Automate image uploads to Cloudinary by utilizing JavaScript's 'fetch' function to establish an API connection
1. Concretize user-selected data (e.g., transforming "Subjective" to "Mirror" as a prompt for the AI model)

2. Combine them into a sentence as a prompt

3. Retrieve the URL link of the user's photo by fetching Cloudinary again

4. Wrap them together and send the photo link and prompt to Discord, making them ready for use with Midjourney.
1. Calculate the percentage of the result

2. Randomly animate and display the result using JavaScript
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