I'm Jack C.
I'm a Product Designer
who create Simple, Clean, and Seamless experiences
rooted in strong user research.
đź”’ Interaction Design for B2B Product Display
Work as an Interaction Design Co-op at an international Forklift and Material Handling Corporation with over 17,000 employees. My responsibilities include conducting Competitor Research, Mental Model Research, and Component-based (Element-based) UI Design.
Forklift Display
User Research
UIUX Design for a mobile app interactive graph
Designed an interactive chart on mobile app for diabetes patients’ A1C data, resulting in an increase of 15.9% in average user engagement time.
UIUX Design for a mobile app Membership Purchase
Revamped premium membership purchasing flow and UI on the mobile app, expectedly leading to a 15% increase in CTA button conversion rate and a 5% rise in premium membership purchases. (will be shipped on Mar 20th)
Smart Device and App Solution for preventing cycling knee pain
The end-to-end project comprises market research, research paper analysis, 6 user interviews, and culminates in a functional prototype with Arduino and app programming.
UIUX Design for a B2C Chatroom View Revamping
Redesigned the message page on the Patient Management Platform (Web) for healthcare providers. Conducted usability tests with 7 users across the top 5 active clinics, yielding 57% positive feedback and 29% neutral feedback.
UIUX Design for a bike sharing service
A bike-sharing service for Crown Employees. The end-to-end project involves problem definition, user observation, persona creation, wireframe design, and weekly discussions with Senior Designers for iterative improvements.
Front-end development for an interactive website with AI tools
Brain Visualization with AI Technology. This web design and development project involves coding with HTML/CSS/Javascript, incorporating animations, storing user data, fetching API data, requesting Camera permission, and leveraging AI tools.
UI Design Overhaul for a 2C Message Bubble's CTA Button
Revamped Health2Sync mobile app's message page, resulting in a 21% increase in CTA button conversion rates within message bubbles.
UX Design for Online hobbyist Workshop Platform
A multi-platform design of Online hobbyist Workshop Platform. The end-to-end project involves 7 User Interviews, wireframes, Color Schemes Definition, and Hi-Fi Prototypes.
UI Design for a multi-platform
A multi-platform design of The Crown Store. The end-to-end project involves problem definition, information architecture, wireframe design, variants & interaction components creation and discussions with senior designers for iterative improvements.
UX Design for a Museum
An integrated online-offline service app. The end-to-end project includes 1 stakeholder and 13 user interviews, 3 iterations (with UX expert discussions, usability testing, and "Wizard of Oz" experiments) to test the tech-involved service with users.
Concept Evaluation and Service Design for a Brunch Cafe
An integrated online-offline service app. The end-to-end project helped QBurger stand out among brunch cafes through service design. Using the KANO model and IPA, we prioritized 6 concepts for initial implementation, testing with 33 target users chosen from 134. Our efforts led to a 12-point NPS increase from the original service.
Welcome to
my playground!
I create Simple, Clean, and Playful interactions
rooted in strong user research.
Step into my design wonderland, where imagination runs wild and joyful creations come to life!
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